Ahmet Şık & Nedim Şener


Ahmet Şık was born in Adana in 1970. He started to work as an intern at Daily Milliyet while he was studying at stanbul University, Press Academy. He worked at dailies Cumhuriyet, Evrensel, Yeni Yüzyıl and Radikal. He embodied the principles of “rights-based journalism” throughout his career. He heavily covered the human rights violations in Turkey in his reporting. Torture cases and claims, police violence, the violations of human rights in the Southeastern Turkey, freedom of expression and freedom of press and summary executions were the focus of Ahmet Şık’s reports.

Ajans Press chose a photograph taken by Ahmet Şık in 2000, amongst the “100 best photographs of the last 100 years.” This was a picture of a demonstrator who was beaten by the police.

After Radikal, he worked at the daily Birgün and Nokta magazine as a reporter and photographer. He also worked for Reuters as a freelancer. He was targeted by the ultra nationalist magazine Türksolu during that period.

The main reason why Ahmet Şık had to give up professional journalism was his activities in the trade union of journalists while he was working at Radikal.

Ahmet Şık told the process that he had gone through with his article called “Media memorandum”, and his article was also published at Daily Radikal that he was fired.

Ahmet Şık is a member of Turkish Trade Union of Journalists (TGS), and Association of Progressive Journalists (ÇGD). He wrote many articles on different weekly and monthly magazines, daily newspapers, and some publications of different NGOs, regarding human rights, journalism and professional journalism ethics.

Ahmet Şık wrote a book with a colleague, Ertuğrul Mavioğlu, about the Ergenekon case in 2010, called Kırk Katır Kırk Satır (Between a Rock and a Hard Place). It had two volumes: Kontragerilla ve Ergenekon’u Anlama Kılavuzu (The Guide to Understanding Counter Guerilla and Ergenekon) and Ergenekon’da Kim Kimdir? (Who’s who in Ergenekon?).

The book probes deep into the counter guerilla activities in Turkey starting from the past. It also reveals that the journalists who supported the Ergenekon operation in the beginning, have started to be skeptical about the whole process in the following waves of the investigation. It also revealed that the investigation was aiming to eliminate some dissident circles in the society.

The latest work of Ahmet Şık was a book called İmamın Ordusu (The Imam’s Army) which reveals how the Fethullah Gülen community is organized within the police forces in Turkey. The unpublished book was seized by the police in a series of raids including the copy in the publishing house before it was published. With the decision of the Prosecutor of the Ergenekon case, the court decided that the unpublished book is a “document of a terror organization.”


Başkasının Acısına Bakmak – Looking at Someone Else’s Pain (2006) is a photography album about the mine victims which was prepared with the help of Diyarbakır Bas Association.

Kırk Katır Kırk Satır- Ergenekon’u Anlama Kılavuzu: Ergenekon’da Kim Kimdir – Between a Rock and a Hard Place – The Guide to understanding Ergenekon: Who is who in Ergenekon? (2010) is a book co-authored with another journalist, Ertuğrul Mavioğlu, about the Ergenekon case in 2010.


1994: TGC Bülent Dikmener award

1995: TGC Photography award

2001: Metin Göktepe award for his report on the deaths caused by the mines, named “The killers in the underground”

2002: Metin Göktepe Special Jury Award for his report named “Return to Reality” on the operations of the security forces to the prisons which resulted in the death of many prisoners.

2002: ÇGD award with the same story.

2005: ÇGD “Solidarity award”

2007: Metin Göktepe Special Jury award with his report called “There are two types of journalists: The ones against the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and the ones who are pro Turkish Armed Forces (TSK)” that was published in Nokta magazine.


Nedim Şener was born in Germany as son of an expat family in 1966. He grew up in Bolu and went to university in İstanbul. After working for two years in the daily Dünya, he started working at the economy desk of daily Milliyet.  During his work in journalism, for a long time he focused on fraud, corruption and criminal organizations. He wrote many books on these issues.

He wrote a book on the assassinated Editor in Chief of weekly Agos, Hrant Dink. He revealed the negligence of the civil servants in the process which led to Dink’s murder. These civil servants whose names were mentioned in the book, sued Şener. Ironically, when Şener was trialed, the number of the years that the prosecutors demanded Şener to be sentenced in prison was longer than the number of the years the prosecutors demanded for the suspects of the Hrant Dink murder.

Şener was defending the idea that the Hrant Dink murder case should be merged with the Ergenekon case. Because he thought this alleged organization had a part in the murder of Dink. Şener’s findings on the negligence of the civil servants in the in murder of Hrant Dink, were being repeated in a report written by the Inspection Unit of the Prime Minister’s Office, also signed by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Nedim Şener worked for Milliyet until the 6th of March, when he was arrested. He is a columnist  for daily Posta which has a circulation of 500.000. He was also a co-host on the TV program “Arena” with experienced TV journalist Uğur Dündar.

Nedim Şener is a member of the Turkish Journalists’ Association (TGC).


Tepeden Tırnağa Yolsuzluk – Fraud from Top to Toe (2001) is about seven different operations on fraud starting from the end of the 90s.

Naylon Holding – Nylon Holding (2002) is about the fraud report of the Ministry of Finance regarding the businessman Orhan Aslıtürk.

Uzanlar / Bir Korku İmparatorluğu’nun Çöküşü – Uzans / Collapse of the Empire of Fear (2004) is about the rise and fall of Cem Uzan and his family who were holding the strongest media group and tens of huge investments in Turkey for a period in the past.

Kod Adı Atilla – Code Name Atilla (2004) is about the organization of politicians and bureaucrats surrounding Alaattin Çakıcı, who was convicted of being a leader of a criminal organization.

Fırsatlar Ülkesinde Bir Kemal Abi – Brother Kemal in the Country of Opportunities (2006) is about an organization conducting fictive export and unauthentic receipts during the former Finance Minister Kemal Unakıtan’s term.

Hayırsever Terrorist – The Philanthropist Terrorist (2006) is about the story of Sheikh Yasin El-Kadi who was announced to be a “terrorist with Al Qaida links” by the American security authorities.

Türkiye’de Farklı Olmak: Din ve Muhafazakarlık Ekseninde Ötekileştirilenler – Being Different in Turkey: Religion, Conservatism and Otherization (2006) is a research on the conservative oppression of people of different identities in Anatolia, conducted by Nedim Şener, Binnaz Toprak, İrfan Bozan and Tan Morgül, also published in English.

Dink Cinayeti ve İstihbarat Yalanları – Dink Murder and the Intelligence Lies (2009) explains the negligence of the police forces the in murder of Hırant Dink, with official documents.

Ergenekon Belgelerinde Fethullah Gülen ve Cemaat – Fethullah Gülen and the Community in the Ergenekon Documents (2009) explains Fethullah Gülen and his community on the official documents of the government which were inside the additional files of the Ergenekon Case.

İşte Hayatım, Uğur Dündar – This is My Life, Uğur Dündar (2010) is about the whole life and professional story of the one of Turkey’s most popular TV anchormen, Uğur Dündar.

Kırmızı Cuma – The Red Friday (2011) is a book in which Nedim Şener is looking for the fingerprints of all institutions of the state including the Armed Forces and MİT (National Intelligence Organization), and of Ergenekon in the Hrant Dink murder. This is an extended version of “Dink Murder and Intelligence Lies” where he explains the negligence of the police forces the in murder of Hrant Dink, with official documents.


1998: Turkish Journalists’ Association (TGC), “reporter of the year” award
Şener won this award with the news story called “The express train of shame”, on the seasonal nut workers who are traveling for 53 hours on a train that they got on in Diyarbakır without any food or drink given.

1998: Metin Göktepe Journalism Award.
He won this award with the abovementioned “The express train of shame” story.

1999: TGC, “economy reporter of the year” award for “The guilty stand-up” news story.

2000: TGC, “economy reporter of the year” award

2002: TGC Sedat Simavi Journalism Award for his book Naylon Holding

2003: The Social Transparency Association, which is the Turkey office of Transparency International (TI), selected him as the candidate from Turkey for the “International Honesty Award.”

2007: Uğur Mumcu Investigative Journalism Award of the Progressive Journalists Association.

2009: TGC “Freedom of Press” award for the lawsuits brought to trial for his book on the Dink murder.
2010: Abdi İpekçi Journalist of the Year Award.

2010: Turkey Union of Publishers awarded him with the “Freedom of thought and press award” for his book Dink Cinayeti ve İstihbarat Yalanları.

2010: He was named one of the 60 “Freedom of Press Heroes” around the world by the International Press Institute, based in Austria. Assassinated journalists Abdi İpekçi and Hrant Dink’s names are also on the Freedom of Heroes list.

2011: International Pen Award.




****Note on the translation of Ahmet Şık and Nedim Şener’s interrogation reports:
In order to stay true to the original transcript, the register and style of the text have not been edited. Punctuation, capitalization and uppercase words were kept as in the original text when possible.****

Asked: The counsels of the suspects took the floor and said, we weren’t able to see the evidences, and we didn’t examine the file because of the limitation decision on the file. We believe that this situation forms an obstacle for the appropriate use of the defense right, according to the fair trial principle situated in article 6 of ECHR and for the possibility to confute the evidences against us; we declare that our defense will be realized under these circumstances.
Following the declaration it was asked of the suspect and his counsels if they knew about the allegations and evidences   In their statement at the Police Station Asked.

Asked: Your statement will be taken with the suspicion of being a member of Ergenekon Armed Terror Organization. Do you want to give your statement?
Response: As I consider that my statements presented to the Police will be serviced to the media and that I could become a distorted media object, I didn’t give any statement.

Asked: Declare your personal background.
Response: I was born in Adana in 1970. I studied the primary school and junior high school in Adana province and high school in Antalya. I started Istanbul University’s Press Academy in 1989. When I was in second grade, I started to work as a reporter and newspaper photographer in Milliyet, Cumhuriyet, Evrensel, Yeni Yüzyıl and Radikal newspapers and the closed Nokta magazine. In 2000 I fulfilled my military service duty by payment in Manisa Alaşehir. Since four years I work as a lecturer in İstanbul Bilgi University. My mother and father are alive. We are 3 siblings. As follows;
1. B.Ş.; Associate Professor in Akdeniz University.
2. U.Ş.; Officer in Adana province.
3. Me.
I have a passport.  I visited lots of country for business and travel purposes.

Asked: What are the mobile phones that you currently use and that are registered on your name? How long have you been using these phones? Declare if there is anyone else using these numbers besides you.
Response: I am currently using the line number 0532 3xx xx xx  registered on my name for a long time.

Asked: Do you have any communication with these people, Hüseyin Soner
YALÇIN, Barış PEHLİVAN, Barış TERKOĞLU and Ayhan BOZKURT who were taken under custody within the context of the investigation on 14.02.2011? If you know any of these people, describe your relationship with them?
Response: I do not know any of them; I do not have any communication or relationship with them.

Asked: Describe your relationship with Nedim ŞENER who is taken under custody within the context of the investigation on 04.03.2011.
Response: Nedim Şener is my colleague; we’ve worked as reporters together and worked at the same building. There is colleague and friendship relationship.

Asked: Which one do you know from the people taken under custody within the context of the investigation on 04.03.2011, being Yalçın
KÜÇÜK, Kaşif KOZİNOĞLU, Ahmet Mümtaz İDİL, Coşkun MUSLUK, Doğan YURDAKUL, Müyesser UĞUR, Sait ÇAKIR and İklim Ayfer KALELİ and for how long do you know them? Describe the communication you have with them.
Response: I do not know any other people who are taken under custody besides Nedim.

Asked: Under Media section of the “ERGENEKON” document which has the quality as essential document of ERGENEKON Terror Organization; it is determined that Ergenekon should form its own media institutions and should control the other media institutions. In the “LOBBY” document, it is determined that the media institutions should be directed to form the public opinion in accordance with the activities that are realized by the organization and to provide the public opinion.
In his declaration made on a television show in 1997, Erol MÜTERCİMLER for whom a bill of indictment was organized within the context of the investigation, indicated that “The organization which drives the country towards a military coup is called ERGENEKON and this organization is founded in 1960, is a supra governmental force and within this structure there are Police officers, professors, JOURNALISTS and business men”.
In the investigations undertaken until today, print and visual media organs controlled by the organization are exposed and lots of organization members who are determined to be active within the media organization are undergoing due process.
Finally during the research realized in ODATV, an organization document entitled “NATIONAL MEDIA 2010” is found, in the examination of this document, it is determined that ERGENEKON is working on the MEDIA ORGANIZATION and especially determining new strategies related to the case process.
From the documents confiscated from ODATV and other evidences obtained within the context of the investigation it is determined that you are acting within the Media Organization of the ERGENEKON terror organization.
Do you have any information about the formation of the public opinion in accordance with the organization’s purposes stated on the organization document? Did you realize any work on this context?
Response: I do not accept this question and the way of asking it, I am not informed of these documents. I am not within the media organization of Ergenekon, I consider mentioning my name together with this organization a humiliation.

Asked: In the “NATIONAL MEDIA 2010” document, under “PURPOSE” section, it is seen that it was written “it is necessary to release of the people who got arrested as a result of the Ergenekon and similar political conspiracy/betrayal cases and to determine the duties of the national media for the purpose of providing the judgment of primarily the community and AKP followers all the people who conspired the honorable Turkish Army, reformist intellectuals, nationalist writers and politicians, within the context of the treason law which will be introduced”.
Accordingly, in the “NATIONAL MEDIA 2010” document, it is seen that the formation of public opinion is aimed to remove the credibility of Ergenekon and similar cases for the public opinion, release of the remanded suspects and to judge the people realizing these investigations within the context of the treason.
What are the things realized related to these purposes of the organization in order to form public opinion? What have you done on this matter?
Response: I have never been in something like that.

Asked: In the “NATIONAL MEDIA 2010” document under “STRATEGY” section, it is seen that “It has to be told that the executed operations are political, AKP and the community intervene the principle and revolutions of the Republic with revanchist thoughts, and it is a civilian fascist movement and a green revolution reaching to dictatorship”.
How and by whom this strategy is determined? What kinds of activities are realized within this context? Did you realize any activity on this matter?
Response: I do not have any information on this matter.

Asked: In the “NATIONAL MEDIA 2010” document under “STRATEGY” section;
“It has to be processed that the attacks are consciously realized against Constitutional Institutions, primarily TSK (Turkish Armed Forces) and Supreme Justice. Against Amp and the community who are using the media power effectively, the national media should be motivated altogether and the propaganda and black propaganda elements which will invalidate the conspiracies should be used effectively. It is seen that it was written “The media organs which are supporting the war conducted against the Kemalist ideology should be marked as the partisan press”.
How was this strategy determined? What kinds of activities are realized within this context? Did you realize any activity on this matter?
Response: I do not have any information on this matter.

Asked: In the “NATIONAL MEDIA 2010” document, under “STRATEGY” section, it is seen that it was written “To invalidate, trivialize and normalize the evidences that the opposite party obtained against the started justice process, the arguments that the defense authority are developing. Within this context the weak links and claims which will be determined should be carried into the agenda and should be assimilated with the generality of the case. When powerful thesis and evidences will be faced, the axis of the object should be changed and grey and black propaganda elements should be used effectively. By taking under consideration the shortness of the collective memory period, it is important to survive the first shock and not giving chance to the formation of permanent acceptances for the masses”.
How was this strategy determined? What kinds of activities are realized within this context? Did you realize any activity on this matter?
Response: I do not have any information on this matter.

Asked: In the “NATIONAL MEDIA 2010” document under strategy section it is seen that it was written “Information, document and technical support should be provided for the people being member of the institution executing the operation process and supporting our thesis and activities, who are well known and trusted by the public opinion, to make declarations and broadcasts on the direction that Ergenekon and similar cases are framed”.
From the documents confiscated from ODATV, it is determined that this time before the general elections which will be realized on June 2011 following the orientation and instructions of the organization together with Nedim ŞENER, you are working on a book similar like “Haliçte Yaşayan Simonlar” and you are working on it to be published with the name of the Chief of Police Sabri UZUN.
Who gave the instructions of this book work? What was the purpose of this book work?
Response: I worked as a reporter for 20 years, I covered thousands of news. I never wrote any news by the instruction of anybody or recalled a story that I wrote by the instruction of anybody. The field that I am interested with journalism is Justice oriented reporting. I covered lots of stories related to the lost under custody and unidentified murder cases, none of them have been contradicted until today. Finally I wrote a two volume book related to Ergenekon case. The book was entitled 40 Katır, 40 Satır (Between a rock and a hard place). The first volume of the book which was prepared based on the first 5 bills of indictment, was entitled counterinsurgency and Guide to Understand Ergenekon. I bring forth that in Turkey the structure called deep state as a main section on the process appeared in the movement started under the name of Seferberlik Tetkik Kurulu in 1950, the deep state structure and activities under three sections that we evaluate as Şemdinli, Susurluk and Jitem until 2007. And then I told about the process experienced under the name Ergenekon. We tried to interpret its positive and negative aspects starting out from our determinations. I realized this work together with Ertuğrul Mavioğlu. In the second volume I was telling the genealogy of the suspects of the 5th bill of indictment and who they were. I was setting forth from the accusations and the press news.

Asked: Did you collaborate on anything else with Nedim ŞENER?
Response: No. I did not realize any book work. There is a book that I have been working on by myself for the past few months.

Asked: Within the digital data confiscated from the research realized on ODATV, a word document entitled “SABRİ UZUN” is found and when the notes which are written in this document, it is understood that again with the instructions and direction of Ergenekon terror organization you are working on a book similar like “HALİÇTE YAŞAYAN SİMONLAR” together with Nedim Şener and that you plan to publish this book with the name of the Chief of Police Sabri UZUN.
When we looked at the notes written in the word document entitled it is seen that there were notes like, “SABRİ UZUN”;
“Sabri has drawbacks about the Book, we should try to convince him, the book has to be finished before the election. Nedim should talk to Ahmet Şık on this matter,
He should be brave while working on the book. Do not hesitate to make cutbacks or additions. This book should be more comprehensive than Simon. I celebrate Nedim. He should train Ahmet.
Hanefi will get out and will join you. Reassure Emin and Sabri. Force it to get published with Sabri’s name.
It has to be quick. It should be terminated before the election”. When we looked at the technical qualities of the said word file, it is understood that it was created on 20.12.2010 at 11:29 by a user named “Soner”. Within this context it is understood that the said notes are prepared by Soner YALÇIN.
Also, on the computer in which this note is found, a word file entitled “000KITAP.docx” and it is determined that in this file there is a book work entitled “İmamın Ordusu” (Army of the Imam).
Do you know Sabri UZUN? If you do, what is your relationship with him? What is the purpose for you to participate to the writing process of this book?
With whom did you realize interviews in relation with this book? What kind of decisions did you make in these interviews? Did you realize an interview to convince Sabri UZUN? Who realized this interview? What was talked?

Response: I did not write the notes situated above, I do not know who write these. Firstly the “000KITAP.docx” situated above is a name that ı gave to the book that I write. I do not know why the name of this book is placed in the computer of Soner Yalçın. I request from you to enlighten this matter.
I know Sabri Uzun from the period that I worked as a reporter; he is a person who worked as the president of the Intelligence Department. We had an interview because of the news published with the title letter from Sabri Uzun on the column of Fatih Altaylı on Habertürk Newspaper. There were interesting things in the letter, Sabri Uzun wrote in the letter he first came across Ergenekon in 2001 and 2006 Somewhere else in the letter he was telling that he did not write the information note that caused him to be dismissed but it was saddled on him. Because of the information note Yaşar Büyükanıt was making declaration as I cause the dismissal of Sabri Uzun. It was very remarkable for me, I called Sabri Uzun, I was trained with the discipline of a state officer, and I will not make an explanation related to this matter. I told him I did not call him as a journalist, but to satisfy my personal curiosity and that I was working on a book. I told him I have already written a book related to Ergenekon and he told me that he would like to see the book. For that reason I took his address and sent it to him. Sabri Uzun address which was appeared on Soner Yalçın’s computer, is an address taken for this purpose. I wrote this on a paper and added in the word file while working on the book. I do not know how this information ended up in Soner Yalçın’s computer. I wrote this book by my own choice, I did not receive any instruction from anybody.

What is the purpose of trying to publish the book with especially the name of Sabri UZUN?
Response: I did not try to publish a book with Sabri Uzun, on the contrary Sabri Uzun is one of the subjects just like Emin Aslan situated in the book. There are names of Hanefi Avcı, Emin Aslan, Sabri Uzun and some Police Chiefs who were dismissed at the latest period. I interview some of them; some did not agree to get interviewed.
My purpose in writing a book, after reading the book of Hanefi Avcı, I know him from the Susurluk period. I was the first one to cover the story about the torturer records of Hanefi Avcı. The news was published in Radikal Newspaper; he called me after the publication of the news. He told me that he would like to face the torture victim situated in the news. I told the victim, he said he wouldn’t go by himself and we went there together and met with Hanefi Avcı together. Then they started to talk as if they were old friends, Hanefi Avcı told he was sorry and they chatted for a while. I have written this event on the newspaper. That’s where I know Hanefi Avcı, from that day we never see each other face to face but there are times I talked to him on the phone on feasts. I called him after the book. I called him and told that the community part of the book was true and that I consider it as a system critic but he wasn’t able to face himself as a torturer on the first part and that I interpret as a deficiency that the fact that he interpreted the Council of State and Hrant Dink assassinations with a police point of view. He told me that he will not talk about the torture object on this book and the other objects are his interpretations. He said, it would be nice for me to get interviewed by someone on the torture object. As I had worked on right violations for years I told him I could interview him on this object and he said that he agrees. Also in his book the name of some Police directors that he claimed to get suspended from the Security services because of some conspiracies, were also determined. I told him that I would like to research these objects by gathering on a separate book. He said, I don’t know all of them. He gave me the phone number of Emin Aslan. Then I started to interview Emin Aslan. I will tell the process in which 2 Police Directors Murat Nemutlu and Mustafa Aral, Sabri Uzun who are suspended from the Intelligence department presidency together with Emin Aslan and the processes that are related to the arrest of Hanefi Avcı after the book.

Asked: In the researches realized in Labor Party Head Quarters, (6) pages of hand writing document starting with “Haluk Ahin has arrived” sentence, is confiscated. In a part of this document, it is seen that there were notes like “Sabri Uzun has photos having party with women”.
Do you know anything about these notes? What is the relation of the notes with the book which is tried to be published with the name Sabri Uzun? Are these notes and the included photos used in the planned book work according to the strategy of the organization?
Response: I do not have any information on this matter.

Asked: When we looked at the content of the book work entitled “İmamın Ordusu” (The İmam’s Army) located in the word file entitled “000KITAP.docx”, it is seen that there are various notes written in red and in capital letter, and within these notes “HERE WE CAN PLACE THE TAPE RESOLUTIONS ON THE DGM ACCUSITION WITH DETAIL. WE WILL SEE” FROM HERE, THE EMIN ASLAN INCIDENT THAN MUSTAFA GÜLCÜ AND CELAL UZUNKAYA AND FARUK ÜNSEL WILL BE TOLD.” “DON’T FORGET OF WE WILL ADD THE NURETTIN VEREN CASE IN THE RELATED SECTION OF THE BOOK, IT WILL BE NICE”.
Who wrote these notes? What kinds of works have been realized related to the additions which will be made on the places where the notes are situated? Who realized these works? What kind of works have you done on this matter?
Response: These notes are formed from the questions that I’ve been asking to myself while working. Or details that their object will be situated in the book. I sometimes delete and sometimes change the notes I take. I wrote this book all by myself. I learned from the news that the writings on this object appeared on Soner Yalçın’s computer. On this matter when the story is published on Star Newspaper, I sent there the written information note. These notes are questions and notes that I ask to myself. These are not formed by someone writing it or making me write it, I did not receive any instruction from anybody. These notes were the aspect of my book 3 months ago. I assume that these information are downloaded on Soner Yalçın’s computer in December. They say that this was sent through a virus. In September this book has not gone so far.

On 01.03.2011, at 13.19, on the telephone conversation between Ahmet ŞIK and Hasan ÖZDEMİR, as a summary, A. ŞIK, said I will demand a favor, actually more a help, ı am preparing a book, within this book there is a section where the new draft law on gun is told. “You also objected to this law and it was reflected to the press in a criticizing way as it recognizes the obtaining of heavy gun to the police but then some newspapers published some stories that the police had already the authorization to buy this kind of gun” you are an ex security officer, does the law actually recognizes the police the authorization to obtain of heavy guns or not, ı am also confused” and H. ÖZDEMİR, as a summary said that “This has to be measured on internal affairs commission, it is still in draft form” “If we will say anything now, it will not have much use for you, which means it is not”.
When this conversation is observed, it is understood that you work on the subjects which are planned to be added on the book and that you try to obtain information.
Who asked you to work on these objects? With whom you realized these works?
Response: The above stated notes are notes related to my book, these notes are also the notes that I wrote, and these notes could be from December. This was one of the objects that I would like to present in my book. According to my interview, I saw that MHP Deputy Former Chief of Police Hasan Özdemir had an objection related to the draft law on gun. As I thought he would know best on this object I asked a question to get information on this object but I couldn’t get the efficient answer.

Asked: On 01.03.2011 at 16.56 in the telephone conversation between Ahmet ŞIK and Necati, as a summary  A. ŞIK told “I am working on book stuff that’s why I called, I am working on a new book, a book related on the Fettullah organization at the police department, now ı am trying to learn something, I last time talked to someone they say the ones working on customs should know, now a regulation is released and there was a regulation telling that this was providing the soldiers obtaining heavy guns, I will tell you right now what is it” “I understood I AM ACTUALLY IN A RUSH, it is like that, you know the Soner YALÇIN investigation, they got my name somehow on this investigation event though I have nothing to do with this people and the book I’ve been working on is confiscated and it appeared on Soner YALÇIN’s computer and it turned into a disreputation campaign for me and the book and I decided to finish and publish the book, for removing this doubt, I think they got scared because of the things written and said and actually it was reflected on the press, it recognizes the police to obtain heavy guns and than in some other media organs they said it is not like that, actually the police already have this right, actually ı am confused, looking on the internet, the regulation is written with too much technical terms, within the 93 01 the guns are, but ı do not know is it tank, rifle, I have no idea”, and Necati says “Yes, look they are more machine guns and stuff, those are the ones relates, about Soner YALÇIN we have a case with him, in Cem ERSEVER’s book he talked about me about one thing, A.ŞIK “It would be enough for me to learn which guns are included in this”, Necati “I will tell a couple of things now, be careful about Soner, you know why this situation is on our hands, this group is not from the group you told but there are important information from other resources…”, A.ŞIK “I will stop by your firm some day and than we will talk face to face, Necati “I will tell you in this way, what he wrote, the thing he wrote do not belong to him, ı called him to the courthouse, but he wrote that I made the interrogation that ı did not realize, we brought in the documents, A. ŞIK “BECAUSE IT IS REQUESTED FOR HIM TO WRITE IN THIS WAY”, Necati “No, the writer is service now… now the reason they got him in is not journalism but his connection with the services, ok”, A. ŞIK “YES, YES ESPECIALLY WITH ISRAEL”.
From the documents confiscated from Oda TV, the book that you try to publish before 2011 June elections, it is seen that following the researches in Oda TV, you try to publish it as soon as possible. For what purpose you decided to publish the book as soon as possible?
In the conversation you made with person called Necati, why you said “ASKED FROM HIM TO WRITE LIKE THAT” related to the book that Soner YALÇIN wrote.
Why you said that Soner Yalçın is in connection with Israel?
Response: The publication date of my book would be approximately on April. It wasn’t completed yet; one of the elements which should be completed is the regulation change which regulates the authorization of obtaining heavy guns to the police. I do not know exactly if it will be interpreted like this or not. The second part is the questions that I sent to the prison where Hanefi Avcı is imprisoned, for him to answer. He had notified me that he would answer. I would put them in the book when he answers, I thought this process would be completed in April. At the last Oda TV event, the declaration of my name in an unidentified information note and also the presence of the book over there cast a doubt on me. According to my book it cast a doubt as I was under the control of Ergenekon. The object was known by advocate Fikret İlkiz. He told me that the book has to be published as soon as possible and that too much doubt had been cast on me… When it will be published, it would appear that it wasn’t a book as it was told, for that reason I wanted to publish it as soon as possible.
Necati in the last conversation told me that they had a file object between him and Soner Yalçın. He told that he was writing through instructions of some people and I wrote a comment that he was asked to write that way in a way to approve him.
Following the raid realized on Oda TV, there were writings related to Oda TV being directed by Israel. And I told him on the phone in a way of approving these comments.

Asked: It is understood that on the phone conversation that Ahmet ŞIK made with Mehmet on 25.02.2011 at 20.20, A.ŞIK as a summary said “I talked with brother Fikret, he said to me, do not wait to complete the book, publish this book now and then we can remove the doubt”, Mehmet “I agree just if you ask my opinion make the corrections”, A.ŞIK “I CANNOT WORK ON IT, IT WILL BE REALLY DIFFICULT, YOU NOW I FEEL LIKE I AM SO SICK AND TIRED, for the last week, I feel sick, I feel sick of everything” “And yes when we will present it without making the thing you said, there will not be any doubt on us, I mean on me” and Mehmet said “No no I do not say it because the doubt, but you would be more powerful”.
Why are you telling this person that you were sick and tired of this book?
Response: The person whom I talk to is a friend of mine a journalist Mehmet Güç. He is experienced on these objects. I met him one night, he knew that I was working on the book, he was telling me on the phone do not write the book through your comment; do not place a lot of quotation. And I told him that I was bored because of the doubts raised on the book and that it would be tiring for me to make new changes.

Asked: From the documents confiscated from ODA TV, for the publication of the book entitled “Haliçte Yaşayan Simonlar” before the referendum, organization activities were realized and it is understood that you were working for publishing the book that you prepare with Nedim ŞENER and which is similar to the “Haliçte Yaşayan Simonlar” book, before 2011 June elections.
What is the purpose of trying to publish these books prepared by the instruction of ERGENEKON terror organization especially before the referendum and election? Who determined this strategy?
Response: This work is not a work related to Ergenekon and it is just a coincidence that it presented on the agenda together with the election.

Asked: On the phone conversation that Ahmet ŞIK made with Miss X on 25.02.2011, at 01.56, A. ŞIK as a summary said “did you move forward about the book” “Yesterday I met brother Fikret, the advocate” “you now the things got really messy” “He told me if I were you I would just to end the mess without completing the book”, “You will present the completed version on the following publications because something bad is being realized” “we should meet and make the separate to 3 sections and I will make quickly by taking under consideration the warnings you made, I will talk to the publishing firm, and than I will get back to you”, X person “you are telling me that you will finish it in 2 days, it is really difficult”, A. ŞIK “do you remember the name of the man, the executive editor in Destek publications” and Miss x “Ersoy had told me about him, IF NOT TALK TO NEDİM”.
Who is Misses X that you interviewed? What is the reason for Miss X directing you to person called Nedim?
Response: Here the X person is a friend of mine, a book editor. I do not give his/her name for not causing any victimhood. He/she was working in Doğan Kitap; Doğan Kitap requested to publish the book. With its uncompleted form, he/she learned about it at that time. We weren’t able to settle with Doğan Kitap, he/she have read the book and made critics. The final book form print was found at my house, there were notes on it. The faulty parts were marked to enlighten, I was suppose to read and correct them but I was taken under custody in the morning.

Asked: On the phone conversation that Ahmet Şık made with Yücel on 25.02.2011 at 17.11 it is determined that A. ŞIK said as a summary “yesterday I was together with my lawyer” “They told me do not wait to finish the book, publish it the way it is now because there is too much doubt created” “Write a note on the book the book is not completed yet but for that reason it is published early and it will be completed on the next imprint, and publish it for the people to see the insignificance of the case” “Terrible things are written and displayed, the book was already completed largely but we’ll talk there is something to add we’ll talk about it later now there is a publishing firm called Destek Publications they wanted the book, now I talked to the executive editor “But he meant to say he might fear because of the last wave, he can fear , he said” “This book is a book which will bring money in my opinion, also after all these doubts, ı don’t know, actually we can talk, brother I did not know that you might press book or stuff” and Yücel said “Yes of course we also press book, and we accelerated this work and we will already publish various books during the following months”.
Who is this Yücel person that you interviewed? It is determined that in the interview you said “it was over something was suppose to be added”. What is the object you consider adding to your book? Why you did not tell this object on the phone?
Response: The person called Yücel is a friend of mine, publishing the magazine entitled Ekspres. I time to time write for this magazine. They also have a publishing firm. It is related on this object. The object that I was considering to add was the answers of Hanefi Avcı related to the questions.

Asked: In the interview “They told me don’t wait to finish this book, publish it in this way because too many doubts have been cast”, who told you to publish the book as soon as possible? What was aimed by publishing the book before it is completed?
Response: This proposition is made by my lawyer Fikret İlkiz; I consider it as a correct evaluation in order to remove the doubt which was cast on me.

Asked: On 25.02.2011 at 18.54, it is determined that in the telephone conversation that Ahmet ŞIK made with X PERSON, said as a summary that “what should I do, I work hard, I wait for the time they will raid the house”, X Person said “Why is there something like that?” “A ŞIK “you have no idea what’s going on I believe”, “My name was situated in the Soner YALÇIN affair” “An information note and the book I am working on appeared in their computers, I do not know how, it is their claim” “they say it came through virus e-mal, “they say and from that book “There is an information note, which means Nedim and I.. Nedim was making me to write but Ergenekon was making us to write, this kind of stuff…” and the X Person said “and your book notes appeared on that men’s computer”, A. ŞIK “The note does not belong to me, this looks like Ergenekon people prepared a note like that” “It appears in there” meaning THE BOOK’S THREE MONTHS AGO ASPECT “I AM NERVOUS FROM ACOUPLE OF DAYS but I don2t know it could be” “there is nothing for it to happen but you know.
How did you know that the book draft confiscated in Oda TV research was the book’s 3 months ago aspect?
Response: I answered it on above question.

Asked: The contradiction about him declaring the notes belonging to himself on the above answer and that telling that it wasn’t belong to him and it was as Ergenekon people prepared it, on the phone, is asked: Here I meant the note in which my name and Nedim’s name are presented. Not the notes taken related to the book.
Asked: On the telephone conversation that A. ŞIK made with Ersoy on 26.02.2011 at 16.48, it is determined as a summary that A. ŞIK “did you follow the latest developments”..”things are getting complex now”….”the lawyer said, there is too much doubt on you, you should publish the book before completing to remove this”, ok, the book is already completed largely I WAS EXPECTING SOMETHNG THAT IS NOT ARRIVED YET”.
You are telling that you are expecting something related to the book. What were you waiting and from whom were you waiting it?
Response: What I told that I was expecting are the notes which will be sent by Hanefi Avcı. The answers of the questions that I asked to Hanefi Avcı. The publication idea is told by Advocate Fikret İlkiz.

Asked: On the researches, on the pre examinations realized on the images of the hard discs of the computer that you use on your work place, multiple resolution reports determined to be monitoring records within word files have been confiscated. When the qualities of the said documents are examined, the company name that the documents are created is “Gendarmerie General Command” thus it is understood that said word documents are resolution reports related to the monitoring activities realized by gendarmerie.
How did you obtain the said documents? Did you use the documents in any work that you made? Does the book that you prepare with Nedim ŞENER is related to these documents?
Response: This is related to the notes belonging to the monitoring records realized by Erzincan Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office in relation to İsmailağa Community. The file related to this matter is sent to Erzurum Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office and an investigation is started on this object in 2009. The digital records of the phone conversations on this object reached me following the Ergenekon investigation related to Erzincan Chief Public Prosecutor. I obtained these phone conversations from the newspapers. I definitely did not obtain these from the Gendarmerie or any other place.
I did not take place in the media organization of Ergenekon, I am not an organization member, and I do not have any intention to write a book in direction with the organization purposes. The books that I wrote are the books requesting the investigation to turn to a more correct direction.
Asked to the counsel of the suspect:
We totally agree with the defense. Our client answered all the questions in a rational and satisfactory way. Him being accused of being a member of Ergenekon terror organization is an irony in our opinion, because he is the writer of the book 40 Katır, 40 Satır (a Turkish idiom that could best be translated as “between a rock and a hard place”) that he published with his friend within the context if the investigation and interrogation related to this organization and which is told to include the truest detail, evaluation, information and analysis within the books published on this object according to the comments situated on press. Another important element is that he is one of the editors of the news center on Nokta Magazine which published and presented to the public opinion knowledge, the journals belonging to Özden Örnek which are demonstrated as the basic ground of the military coup which is determined to be the ultimate purpose of the terror organization on the accusations. Thus, to accuse a journalist who is analyzing and following closely the matter related to this organization subject to interrogation and investigation, to be a member of this organization there should be a more basic, believable and strong sign, information, evidence should exist. Related to the determination of communication records of our client we would like to declare that, as we do not know about the judge decision related to the determination of the communication because of the limitation decision on the file, we consider that these communication determinations cannot be evaluated as valid evidences because they are not in contradiction with the law. Because we do not estimate that there is strong crime doubt on our client. Also, even though the Judge decision related to the determination of the communication will be considered to make these determinations legal for a moment, for the reason of exclusions situated in CMK paragraph 135/2 it should be taken under consideration that the client realizes a profession which provides him right to refusal to testify. In the 12th Article of the Press Code it is underlined that the journalists cannot be forced to reveal their information sources and they have right to refuse to testify. Thus within the context of the article 135/2 of CMK, we believe that these communication determinations should immediately be destroyed. Finally although we do not know the information and evidences based on the accusation and questions directed to the client, as far as it is seen we consider that there is no efficient confirming action the suspicion reason for filing a civil lawsuit, we request a verdict of non-prosecution.
Following the fulfillment of the terms written in the 147th article of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the report is read and signed by the affiant and the people who were present. 05/03/2011


****Note on the translation of Ahmet Şık and Nedim Şener’s interrogation reports:
In order to stay true to the original transcript, the register and style of the text have not been edited. Punctuation, capitalization and uppercase words were kept as in the original text when possible.****

Asked: Tell us about your background.
Response: I was born in Germany in 1966. I finished middle school in Mengen, Bolu, and university in Istanbul. In total we are four siblings from the same parents.
01-is me
02-R.Ş: is a worker in Germany.
03-S.Ş.: is a worker in Germany.
04-S.Ş.: is working in the health sector in Germany.
I officially started working as a journalist in Dünya newspaper in 1992. I switched to daily Milliyet’s Economy Service in 1994 and since then I have been working in the same newspaper.  I have written nine (9) books so far. I was granted journalism awards in national and international fields. I have a passport registered under my name.
Furthermore, as I am an objective journalist who always sides with the oppressed, I have neither been pro or against any power (in government – translator’s note). Also in the past, both in TMSF (Savings Deposit Insurance Fund) and in the Uzan family cases as well as in many subjects related to Security, Directors and authorities in this institution know me. Furthermore, the book I wrote was assumed as evidence in the Court seeing the Banks Case and it’s me who for the first time told that the Uzan family was an organization. That’s why I got threats to my life during that period. All my work has been awarded by TGC (Turkish Association of Journalists) and many professional establishments. All news I reported were evaluated by juries and found worthy of awards. My latest work was evaluated by the International Press Institute (IPI) to earn me a place among the 60-person list of World Press Freedom Heroes. This is an honor awarded to Abdi İpekçi and Hrant Dink from Turkey. At the same time, I was given the Freedom of Expression Award by the International PEN. This was an award given to Hrant Dink alone in 2006. Therefore, as my journalism activities will be held under a microscope here, the background of a journalist is both his/her dignity and also honor. I have served as an honest journalist in accordance with the principles of the profession and also within the Doğan Group’s publication principles. I am also ready to answer any question to be asked.

Asked: Do you have membership in any Trade Union, Association, Political Party or any institution alike? Explain.
Response: No, I have not. I am a member of the Turkish Association of Journalists only.

Asked: Explain your relations with the persons named Hüseyin Soner YALÇIN, Barış PEHLİVAN, Barış TERKOĞLU and Ayhan BOZKURT who were detained on 14.02.2011 within the scope of the investigation.
Response: I do not know any of these people, I have no relation to them. I have not even been together with them in the same place.

Asked: Which of the persons named Yalçın KÜÇÜK, Kaşif KOZİNOĞLU, Ahmet ŞIK, Ahmet Mümtaz İDİL, Coşkun MUSLUK, Doğan YURDAKUL, Müyesser UĞUR, Sait ÇAKIR and İklim Ayfer KALELİ who were detained on 04.03.2011 within the scope of investigation do you know and since when? Explain the relationship between you and them.
Response: I only know Ahmet Şık; Ahmet Şık is a very honest journalist. He is a journalist who did considerable work at the end of the 1990’s on unsolved events in the Southeast and also reported serious news on the Susurluk issue. He was working in Radikal and I was working in Milliyet newspaper. I know him because we were in the same building.

Asked: Who do you know from among the persons about whom legal actions were taken within the scope of ERGENEKON investigation and what is the relation between you and these people?
Response: I spoke to Mustafa Balbay once on the phone, but I am not on familiar terms with him.

Asked: In the examination of the Telecommunications Communication Directorate (TİB) transcripts of ERGENEKON suspects about whom legal actions were taken so far, it has been determined that you had telephone conversations with suspects Serhan BOLLUK, Sevgi ERENEROL, Serdar ÖZTÜRK, Ergun POYRAZ and Vedat YENERER. Where do you know these people from? What is their relationship to you? Explain.
Response: I spoke to Serhan Bolluk upon his calling me several times because of an article related to the Uzan family. I do not remember or know Sevgi Erenerol. Serdar Göktürk participated in Arena program in the capacity of Levent Göktaş’s counsel. We had a talk in relation with DVD number 51. I spoke to him on the phone several times. Ergun Poyraz called me, I don’t know him, I might have spoken to him several times on the phone. I talked to Vedat Yenerer several times for his driver gave an interview about Murat Demirel’s money trafficking abroad.

Asked: It was seen in the word document named “nedim şener.doc” found on the Fujitsu brand 80-GB hard disk belonging to a Datron brand laptop which was obtained from Emcet OLCAYTU about whom legal action was taken within the scope of the Ergenekon Terror Organization investigation that there were statements like “NEDİM ŞENER 0532xxxxxxx MONDAY 21 MAY, BETWEEN 19.30-21.00 HRS. BDDK (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency) REPORT DATED 21 MAY 2005 UZAN İMAR BANK”.
Do you know Emcet OLCAYTU? What is the nature of the contact between you? Does the number written in the note belong to you? What is the content of the note?
Response: I do not know Emcet OLCAYTU; however, I was called to a program on İmar Bank which is mentioned in the note, it is (probably) related to this subject.

Asked: It was determined briefly in the following conversation between you and Barış TERKOĞLU made on 16.09.2009 at 12.00 that: BARIŞ said, “Hi Mr. Nedim, I don’t know if you know the website odatv.com”, “my name is Barış TERKOĞLU, how are you?” “We talked to Mr. Soner, maybe you happened to see today in the newspapers, Hrant Dink award was given to Alper GÖRMÜŞ”, “Now, we want to do something criticizing this…” “… as a person who examined the matter, maybe you can suggest (something) to us as you like”, and YOU said, “I mean, well, your deductions already indicate a certain direction”, BARIŞ said, “We can make an interview about Mr. Soner about us or we can publish anything you might want to write”, and in the continuation of the conversation, YOU said, “… let the interpretation be entirely yours, please let me not do any more thing in that subject”, and BARIŞ said, “OK then, so now we have met with you”, and YOU said, “…Tell regards to (elder brother) Soner, whenever you like”.
It is understood from the content of the conversation that you have a familiar liaison with ODATV and Soner YALÇIN. Explain the content of the conversation.
Response: It is understood from the content of the conversation that I am not close to these people and that I do not act in concert with them. I have not been in the same building with Soner Yalçın, I have not talked to him face to face, I even don’t know his face.

Asked: In the “ERGENEKON” document which constitutes the constitutional law of ERGENEKON terror organization, under the headline Media, it is stated that Ergenekon had to build up its own media establishments and control the other media establishments. In the “LOBBY” document, on the other hand, it was stated that the media establishments should be directed in order to create a public opinion and provide public support complying with the objectives in the activities realized by the organization.
Erol MÜTERCİMLER, about whom an indictment was drafted within the scope of the investigation, in his explanation made in a television program in 1997, stated that: “the name of the organization which dragged the country to coup and which is currently named a gang is ERGENEKON” and that “this organization was founded in 1960, is a supragovernmental power, there are soldiers, policemen, professors, JOURNALISTS and businessmen in this structure”.
The printed and visual media bodies which were under the control of the organization have been divulged in the investigations made so far and legal proceedings were held about a lot of members of the organization whose activities within the media structure were found out.
Finally, during a search made in ODATV, a document named “NATIONAL MEDIA 2010” of the organization was found, when examined, it was found out that ERGENEKON carried out new studies in relation with the MEDIA ORGANIZATION and determined new strategies particularly in relation with the course of the case.
From the documents captured from ODATV and from other evidence obtained within the scope of the investigation it has been determined that you had activities within the Media Organization of ERGENEKON terror organization.
Which person or which persons prepared the document named “NATIONAL MEDIA 2010”? Upon whose instructions was it prepared? What was your role in preparation of this document? How were the strategies stated in this document determined? What was your role in this subject?
Response: I did not read Can Dündar’s book, I don’t know Erol Mütercimler’s statement. I have information about Ergenekon which I achieved from the indictments; I am not aware of such organization within the media. Even if it existed, I am not in it. I am not aware of such a document. I have never met with Oda TV people; I have never been together with them. I am not aware of their existence. I am not aware of and I don’t have any contribution in making of the documents.

Asked: In the “NATIONAL MEDIA 2010″, it was seen that the headline “OBJECTIVE” read: “Duties of the national media must be determined to ensure release of those who were arrested as a result of cases such as Ergenekon and alike such as political plots/treason and to punish and try, within the scope of a treason law to be passed, primarily the community and AKP (Justice and Development Party) companions who set plots against honorable Turkish Army, revolutionist intellectuals, nationalist pens and politicians .”
Therefore, in the “NATIONAL MEDIA 2010” document, it has been observed that an objective was set forth to create a public opinion to eliminate the reliability of Ergenekon and similar cases in the public and to release suspects who are being tried and to try, within the scope of a treason, those who are executing such investigations.
What have been done in the name of public opinion creation related to these targets of the organization? What did you do in this subject?
Response: I absolutely have no information about these subjects.

Asked: In the “NATIONAL MEDIA 2010” document, it was observed that the headline “STRATEGY” read as follows: “It must be explained that the operations being executed are political, AKP and the community had entered a counterrevolution against the Republic’s principles and revolutions with vindictive thoughts and that it is a civil fascist movement and a green revolution extending to dictatorship.”
How and by whom was this strategy determined? What kind of activities were carried out in this scope? Have you had any activity on this subject?
Response: I absolutely have no information about these subjects.

Asked: In the “NATIONAL MEDIA 2010” document, it was observed that the headline “STRATEGY” read as follows: “It must be worked on that the attacks are consciously executed against Constitutional Institutions primarily the Turkish Armed Forces and High Jurisdiction. National media should be all together set in motion against AKP and community which uses its media force effectively and propaganda and black propaganda elements that will nullify plots must be used effectively. Media bodies which support the war against Kemalism must be stamped as henchman media.”
How was this strategy determined? What kind of activities were carried out in this scope? Have you had any activity on this subject?
Response: I absolutely have no information about these subjects.

Asked: In the “NATIONAL MEDIA 2010” document, it was observed that the headline “STRATEGY” writes as follows: “Arguments being developed by the defense authorities must be used in the name of nullifying, undervaluing and normalizing the evidence obtained by the counter party during the jurisdiction process started. Weak links and claims to be determined within this scope should be brought to the agenda and identified with the case in general. Axis of the subject must be switched when powerful thesis and evidence are faced and gray and black propaganda elements must be used effectively. Considering the shortness of the mass memory, it is important to overcome the first shock and not to allow formation of permanent acceptation by the masses.“
How was this strategy determined? What kind of activities were carried out in this scope? Have you had any activity on this subject?
Response: I absolutely have no information about these subjects.

Asked: In the “NATIONAL MEDIA 2010” document, it was observed that the headline “STRATEGY” writes as follows: “To break the public support for the institutions executing the case, reliabilities must be damaged at both corporate and also individual levels. They should be surveyed widely and in detail to open an investigation and pressure must be formed on them.”
How was this strategy determined? What kind of activities were carried out in this scope? Have you had any activity on this subject?
Response: I absolutely have no information about these subjects.

Asked: In the “NATIONAL MEDIA 2010” document, it was observed that the headline “STRATEGY” writes as follows: “Information, documents and technical support should be provided to those who are members of the institutions executing the operation process and supporting our activities and who are renowned well and trusted by the public in order to make statements and publications to show that Ergenekon and alike cases are plots.”
On the other hand, from one of the documents seized from ODATV, the book named “HALİÇTE YAŞAYAN SİMONLAR” (SIMONS LIVING IN THE GOLDEN HORN), it has been determined that the mentioned book was written by Ergenekon terror organization in order to affect the process of the case, to discredit the case before the public and affecting the referendum process, and that, within this scope, you took an active role.
What kind of works did you make in relation with writing of the book named “SIMONS LIVING IN THE GOLDEN HORN”? What kind of cooperation did you make with Hanefi AVCI?
Response: I have no information about and contribution in the National Media 2010 document. I never had any information about Hanefi Avcı wrote this book until the book arrived on my desk. I was aware of it after it was published; I never had any cooperation with Hanefi Avcı. One of my weakest news sources is Hanefi Avcı.

Asked: Among the digital data captured during the search in ODATV a word document named “HANEFİ” was found and when the notes written in the context of this document were looked at, it was understood that the book titled “SIMONS LIVING ON THE GOLDEN HORN” was published upon instruction and direction of the organization.
It was determined that in the word document named “Hanefi” the following were written:
“What is the situation of Hanefi’s book, it must be finished before referendum. Push Nedim, let him speed it up..” “Community must be worn during referendum process and its reliability on the public must be reduced; Hanefi must be used. It is important that he should offer such a thing by putting himself forward. Let’s not see Avcı directly, let’s use Nedim and Cumhur”.
In Hüseyin Soner YALÇIN’s statement in relation with this document, he stated that, “the person called Nedim in this document can be the journalist Nedim ŞENER.” Therefore, it was understood that you were assigned a task during writing and publishing stage of the book titled “Simons Living on the Golden Horn”.
What is the purpose of your undertaking a task in writing of this book? Who did push you during writing stage of this book? What was the reason of their pushing? Who did you negotiated with about this subject? What is the purpose of finishing the book particularly before the referendum?
By which person or persons was the task of establishing contact with Hanefi Avcı assigned to you? What is the reason for negotiating with Hanefi AVCI through your intermediation? In which subjects did you act as an intermediary? Who is the person called “CUMHUR” in the note? What is your relation with this person?
Response: I primarily stated that I did not know Soner Yalçın; I made an indictment to the court about Soner Yalçın for Soner Yalçın said “ ‘Nedim’ mentioned in the writing found in Oda TV can be Nedim Şener”. I hereby submit my petition dated 22/02/2011. 4 pages of documents were received. Also, in relation with Hanefi Avcı, if I had any contribution or negotiation about his book with Hanefi Avcı, I wrote him a letter about this and I am presenting (2) faxes dated 02/03/2011 which he wrote to me. Here he said that he did not have such a relation with me. I hereby present the (2)-page fax. The (2)-page fax (which is composed of) faxes numbered 161 and 162 were filed. I do not know any person named Cumhur.

Asked: Again, in the continuation of the same document, it was decided that following notes were written:
“Master Sahih also says that İlhan Cihaner event must be worked on the book. Let’s praise Cihaner to the skies. He says that the futility of Ergenekon must be explained in Hanefi’s words. Taking advantage of Doğu’s works. Hanefi must be assured…
The book must emphasize that operations such as Ergenekon, Cihaner, Balyoz, Poyrazköy were undertaken by the F-types among the police and the attorney general’s office. Community operation; a perception that it has no lawful value shall be created.
That the State Council is a turban activity must be clearly emphasized by Hanefi’s words. Such an evaluation by Hanefi will leave a serious effect on the public.”
When the book “Simons Living on the Golden Horn” is examined, the issues mentioned in the notes are included and were worked on as stated therein.
Who wrote the parts of the book related to these subjects? Is there any part you wrote? From which person or persons did these notes come from? Who transmitted these notes to you?
Response: I have no information about this subject; I did not have any contribution. I think like Hanefi Avcı about Ergenekon, and I am brave enough to write the connection between Dink murder and Ergenekon. Because, Ergenekon people threatened me.

Asked: In the continuation of the same document, it was seen that following types of notes were written therein:
“Doğu sent the news that there are new documents about community which may be used in M.Cengiz. He says these documents contain information that will start a fight in the community, must absolutely be negotiated. Must be added to the book.
Notes brought by Hasan Fehmi from Silivri should be assessed well.
Information which Çetin Doğan gave must absolutely be included in the book, the emphasize that Balyoz is a normal seminar and is necessary for the security should be requested.
Let’s work on F-type captured the security via new information in M.Cengiz and those which Hanefi sent.
When the book “Simons Living on the Golden Horn” is examined, the issues mentioned in the notes are included and were worked on as stated therein.
Who wrote the parts of the book related to these subjects? Is there any part you wrote? From which person or persons did these notes come from? Who transmitted these notes to you?
Response: I have not any relation with the names herein; I did not have any contribution. There was never anyone who transmitted a note. I have no relation with any document or note which is not lawful. And I never take such into consideration anywhere.

Asked: Among the digital data captured during the search in ODATV a word document named “NEDİM” was found and when the notes written in the context of this document were looked at, it was determined that there are notes like:
“Nedim’s security connections are important, let him carry on his contacts
Toygun has problems with the newspaper, can Nedim solve? If he cannot have news published, why don’t we avail them; knows Hanefi and team well.
Disagreements between Nedim and Hanefi about Dink should not be brought to the agenda, if insisted, it might be hard to make our defense and increase its effect; Nedim should be sensible in this subject; Hanefi should not be started on too much, otherwise we will have broken off with the main agenda and make Hanefi disputable.”
When the technical specifications of the mentioned word file are considered, it was understood that it was created on 09.08.2010 by the user named “Soner”. It is understood from this context that the mentioned notes were drafted by Soner YALÇIN.
Why does Soner YALÇIN pay importance to your security connections? What is the reason for his desire that you to carry on these connections?
Who is “TOYGUN” mentioned in the note? What is the relation between you and this person? Why is Soner YALÇIN interested in Toygun’s problem with his newspaper? Did Soner YALÇIN tell you anything about this subject?
Response: I know Toygun Atilla; however, I do not have any opinion that the Toygun in this note is Toygun Atilla. Even if Toygun had a problem in the newspaper, I do not think that it is a problem to be solved by me, I am a reporter there. I don’t know why Soner Yalçın is interested in Toygun’s subject, Toygun did not tell me anything in this subject either.

Asked: It was determined that in your telephone conversation with Refik Ali UÇARCI on 26.09.2009 at 19:45 you said briefly: at the beginning of the conversation after speaking for sometime about the news you reported related to Hanefi Avcı’s explanations about Emin ASLAN, REFİK said, “I will ask you this; I, it must be in Radikal and Hürriyet, in that news, I don’t know the person who reported that news, I have never seen before, never have I heard of”, YOU said, “He is a good boy, Toygun Atilla is a very good, err, journalist, he researches, he cannot stand such a thing, you know, some people give you a paper or something else” “He is not enthusiastic to write that, he is an honest journalist researching with his conscience and he made this clear in his news, I mean in his news, anyway you see that it is nothing, I mean we were insisting on it, we were researching, but he happened to be faster, that subject, of course, in the security department, security reporter, err, Hürriyet’s reporter in Istanbul in charge of security, very conscientious, he is very studious and also, of course, his archive is strong” “He knows past well and for that reason.. err.. he made us miss the news, I mean with this news, well be it, we made everybody miss it.”.
Therefore, from this negotiation, it has been understood from the “TOYGUN” written in the note captured in ODATV that it is Toygun ATİLLA. What is the relation between you and Toygun ATİLLA? What did you do in connection with the problems of Toygun in his newspaper?
Response: I do not know if Toygun has any problem with the newspaper, I did not do anything.

Asked: In the second part of the book titled Simons Living on the Golden Horn, it is stated in relation with DİNK’s murder that this event was researched down to the tiniest detail and that there was nothing left in the dark. You, on the other hand, quite contrary to the things stated in the book about Hrant DİNK case, with your explanations in both the printed and also in the visual press as well as in your writings and books, are expressing an opinion.
Although you have quite different views in the issues included in the book about this subject, following the release of the book in the market and Hanefi AVCI’s being detained and arrested on the basis of the Revolutionist Headquarters Terror Organization investigation, it was seen that you made explanations defending the book in the columns you wrote and in many television programs you attended.
Therefore, despite the fact that there are views in the book entirely opposite to your ideas, when your being one of the severe defenders of the book is evaluated together with the notes captured in ODATV, it shows that you have serious works in the writing stage of the second part of this book. How do you explain this situation?
Response: There was not any work of mine, I did not severely defend Hanefi Avcı’s book. Praising critics about Hanefi Avcı’s book were also published in many media establishments. Then, these should also be evaluated in the same manner. Moreover, I explained in many places in the media that he wrote this subject about Hrant Dink murder with incomplete information to protect some colleagues.  In an interview of mine published in Akşam newspaper, I said I did not know that Hanefi Avcı was writing a book about Dink subject; if I knew that, I would hinder this in terms of law also.

Asked: On the other hand, in the programs where you defended the mentioned book, it was seen that you had almost never mentioned the subject of Hrant DİNK which is included in the book and is completely opposite to your ideas.
In the “NEDİM” word document which was found in Oda TV, it was determined that the following statement was written; “Disagreements between Nedim and Hanefi about Dink should not be brought to the agenda, if insisted, it might be hard to make our defense and increase its effect; Nedim should be sensible in this subject; Hanefi should not be started on too much.”
Therefore, it is understood that you fully carried out the issues written in the word file named “NEDİM” which was captured in ODA TV. How do you explain this situation?
Response: I have explained this above. I had given views against this in both the columns and also in the television programs.

Asked: When the book titled “Simons Living in the Golden Horn” was studied, it was seen that, in the first part of the book titled “The State” (pp. 338 to 346), Hanefi AVCI expressed views on the subjects such as the claimed existence of Ergenekon Terror Organization, its organizational structure, determination and trials for this organization and that this issue was stated on page 334 as, “As a result of the ones captured during Ergenekon investigation and the investigation which was started, this event has been shaped in a concrete way and thus the existence of such an organization was observed. What is much more important than uncovering this organization is the acceptance and supporting of such kind of a thought and understanding among the masses and state’s security forces or groups who are in solidarity with them.” Despite this, it was determined that there were numerous claims in the second part of the book titled The Community (especially from page 530 on) for making the investigation disreputable and that these claims seriously conflicted the views mentioned in the first part.
Therefore, these determinations set forth that the first part of the book was written by Hanefi AVCI, and the second part titled “THE COMMUNITY” was written later by the instructions and directions of the organization as stated in the notes captured in ODATV.
When your columns written after the publication of the book and your statements in many television programs that defend the book are considered, it is clearly understood that you took active role in drafting this book.
Explain your purpose in undertaking this work.
Response: I have never been a defender of this book. And this subject is not the sole confliction in the book. For example, while it says Dink murder has been enlightened, within the scope of the same investigation, it contains information about improper changing of digital data at the Intelligence Department. There are a lot of issues similar to this. I uttered this in the media also.  I did not take place actively or passively except the books I wrote.

Asked: It was determined that Hanefi AVCI participated in the program named YAZI İŞLERİ (EDITORIAL OFFICE) presented by Mirgün CABAS and Ruşen ÇAKIR, broadcast on NTV on 26 August 2010 and there, in relation with the preparation date of the book, he said, “I started writing this book as of the fifth month of 2009, the book was finished in March of 2010 and I delivered it to the publishing house. My intention was to release it on the Police Day on April 10, but procedures took a longer time.” Also that, in the program named TARAFSIZ BÖLGE (NEUTRAL ZONE), presented by Ahmet HAKAN and broadcasted on CNN TURK on 29.09.2010, you said, “Of course, of course I agree.. err..  He made preparation of that chapter related to the state, related to that first part, then, as he said, added this in between…”; also that the journalist Ali BAYRAMOĞLU, in the program named 5N1K, broadcasted on CNN Turk Television channel and presented by Cüneyt ÖZDEMİR, said, “…I know for a long time that that book was being written.  … Not, of course, it is not very easy to understand what is in his mind. Why did he tell you about the book, why he was writing, when he wrote it, he was going to publish it in April, these are all delayed…”; in the program named “AS IS” broadcasted on HABERTÜRK Television Channel on 03.10.2010 and presented by Ece ÜNER and participated by Önder AYTAÇ, Şamil TAYYAR, Belma AKÇURA, Saygı ÖZTÜRK, Ecevit KILIÇ and you as the guest, Belma AKÇURA said “..in this sense I called him (Hanefi AVCI), Hanefi AVCI said that he wrote a book in September 2009 and in this book, that is, in professional sense, he wanted to tell the organization he faced within this 33-year professional career, he wanted to tell the problems by putting himself forth, especially by putting himself forth, and he wrote, he specially stayed in the Southeast for 8 years, well, he wanted to tell the PKK and Kurds, etc, now a person has ….. preparation for writing a book in September 2009, well, the book, as we all write we know,”. It was determined that in her reply to the question Şamil TAYYAR asked her about inclusion of the second part into the book when he gave the book to her, Belma AKÇURA said, “now, when I got the first part of the book from him, some parts were not in the book and when I asked about this by an e-mail, I could not get an answer.”
All these determinations show that the first part titled “THE STATE” of the book titled “SIMONS LIVING IN THE GOLDEN HORN” was written by Hanefi AVCI and also that it was scheduled to be published on April 10, 2010, however, as a result of the interruption of the organization by means of your intermediary, the second part of the book titled “THE COMMUNITY” was drafted later and was released into the market just a short time prior to the 12 September 2010 referendum under the strategy determined by the organization.
How was the idea of making an addition to the book prepared by Hanefi AVCI developed? What was your scope of work in the process of adding the second part to the book?
Response: I have no connection with this question.

Asked: On September 28, at the exit of the court, Hanefi AVCI said “the arrest decision was issued and our rightness has been proved”. This statement was published and broadcast in numerous print and visual media outlets. It was announced at debate programs where Nedim Şener also participated, that Avcı sent this statement as a text message to his wife, to Ms. Kezban who he was having a affair with, and to Nedim Şener. The Güneş Newspaper published this information on the headline on September 29.
If you claim that you have not spent any effort for the addition to the second part of this book, how do you explain that you have made statements in defense of the book in your newspaper column and on numerous TV programs? What is your assessment of the fact that Hanefi AVCI sent you, and only to you, a text message right after his wife and the lady who he is having an affair with, following his arrest under the Revolutionist Headquarters investigation?
Response: I wrote about this in Posta Newspaper, this text message was not only sent to 3 people but to a lot of others as far as I was able to find out. This question was first asked to me by Şamil Tayyar, a journalist, during a program we were both participating in on HaberTürk TV. That day I did not know how many people Hanefi Avcı had sent text messages to, so I was not able to give a clear response. When I researched the matter the next day, I found out that the same message was sent to numerous media organizations. The following day, I wrote a column criticizing Şamil Tayyar, who normally is a reliable source of information, for bringing up this untrue allegation (that the message went to only 3 people whereas in reality a lot of people received it). I asked how it was possible for a journalist to make up a lie and express this in a TV program. This column is still on the Posta Newspaper internet page.

Asked : Have you ever collaborated with Hanefi AVCI in the past, like you have done  during the writing of this book, on a book or similar project?
Response: No I haven’t.

Asked : In the content of the document entitled “Whose personal author or I dare all pro-Tayyip authors especially Ahmet KEKEÇ to an intellectual showdown”, seized from İsmail YILDIZ, who is undergoing due process within the Ergenekon investigation, the following statements were seen: “Nedim Şener had a book created out of the documents Hanfi Avcı gave him. The book underlines how successful he (Avcı) is as an intelligence officer, and praises himself via Nedim Şener (…) Moreover Nedim Şener then wrote a book based on the Elkadı document that I gave him. You will certainly feature Elkadı in your next piece, Şener doesn’t know I gave him those documents, if he asks his sources in the Police who are using him, he will also learn this inside information…”
What is the relationship between you and İsmail YILDIZ? Have you collaborated on writing a book with Hanefi AVCI as stated in the note? Or has Hanefi AVCI contributed to books that you authored around the issue of corruption?
Response: I do not know İsmail Yıldız, there is no relationship between us. I did not write any books based on information I gathered from Hanefi Avcı. This claim was first put forth by Hayrullah Mahmut Özyurt. I think he may have hostile feelings for me because of the book I wrote on Cem Uzan. Besides, there was a court case against me on the same allegation, my information source was “MASAK”. No information  or document I obtained from the Police was used in the writing of this book. The El Kadı file was not created or prepared by the Police.

Asked : In the document entitled … found in the 80gb Samsung hard disk, serial number s0dwjljl918230, located in case branded “yonsis 84”, seized from İsmail YILDIZ, who is undergoing due process within the Ergenekon investigation, the following is expressed: “Does Hanefi Avcı know all this? He learned although it’s late. Those who penetrated the farm are having a good time, saying these places are ours now, we will enjoy them. Hanefi Avcı became an author under the Nedim Şener pseudonym. He is writing books on the Uzan family and Çakıcı. Soon there might be illustrated books entitled “Father Tayyip’s Farm” or “Pamukova Farm””. Therefore this date shows that your contact with Hanefi AVCI and your collaboration on book writing goes back a long time.
Did you collaborate with Hanefi AVCI on writing a book, as stated in this note?
Did Hanefi AVCI use your name to write a book on the UZAN family or ÇAKICI? Or did you acquire any information or documents from Hanefi AVCI for any of the books you wrote?

Asked : In your telephone conversation with Hanefi AVCI on 24.05.2009 at 10.58, it is determined that YOU said “there is something in Milliyet, on this DÜNDAR couple’s record”, “You know there was the news about UĞUR DÜNDAR’s wife”, “Yeah that’s it, about this, which units use umm this password, you know to see information on” “traveling abroad”, “There is apparently one in your Directorate” “Umm who leaked these, I was talking to Mr. UĞUR just now, he said ask Mr. HANEFİ if he knows anything about this, so I thought I’d call…” “Umm to see who might have accessed the system from the Edirne Security”, and H.AVCI said “Brother, this is the first time I’m hearing about this but what’s important there is that what is the date, because who is on duty on the date mentioned and who is (inaudible). Both Edirne City Security and us, there are 5-6 units that can access this and look at it, whoever has the means to examine” “We can’t see the log records, it is just Ankara who can see it” “Oh and there is also this, because the search is by name and surname only” “And one needs to look at what is before and after this man, who was this man (inaudible) looking for, now for example you would searh for NEDİM ŞENER, but there might be people looking for not one particular person with you but another one. And there are those who are really looking for him. Now there are people with the last name DÜNDAR, it’s one thing to search them, as regards UĞUR DÜNDAR  the one before and the one after searched him so it’s the same terminal, for example who is he searching for and who else is he looking at”, and in the continuation of the conversation H. AVCI said “But that that that, that is the Security Intelligence aspect, it is in the hand of one Department and one person, they cannot do the erasing of log records on this side.” “Can’t be done in the Data Processing Department.”
When one looks at this conversation, one sees that Hanefi AVCI has shared with you a lot of information that is supposed to stay top secret within the profession, and has told you many details. Therefore it is understood that you and Hanefi AVCI have a mutually close relationship.
What is the reason that Hanefi AVCI has shared with you such important and confidential information concerning his job? How has this close and friendly relationship between you affected the addition to Hanefi AVCI’s book?
Response: This conversation is accurate, I asked for information from Hanefi Avcı regarding a certain issue because I knew him. But he did not disclose information because the matter was confidential. He just gave me technical information. The matter of Uğur Dündar’s wife going abroad was in Vakit Newspaper so I looked into it. I researched who the real offender might be. That he (Avcı) did not share confidential information with me is something he would be able to comment on.

Asked : In the telephone conversation between you and Hanefi AVCI on 20.10.2009 at15.37, it is determined in summary that YOU said “I called you to ask if you were able to see the news”; H.AVCI said “Yeah, I couldn’t see the news, I heard about it but I couldn’t look at it…”, “I drafted a disclaimer a short while ago and sent it to Mr. Tufan as well as other media outlets…”, “I spoke to Mr. Tufan”, “I mean I told him it’s wrong, the way of degrading people with your wrong attitude, I mean like a person who is commissioned to do things, I didn’t like it… he was also uncomfortable himself”’; YOU said “It is everywhere today on these websites, Oda TV et cetera, I mean it is on all websites”.
Explain this conversation.
Response: Tufan Türenç had written about Hanefi Avcı’s appointment to Eskişehir. He stated that his appointment was a result of the negotiation to investigate the CHP-run municipality.  I called Hanefi Avcı to speak about this, and Hanefi avcı said he negotiated with nobody, that nobody gave him orders, but that he would do what is necessary if he saw that Yılmaz Büyükerşen, whom he called “Hoca” (Master) was involved with any infraction of rules. Oda TV may have gotten this news from us.

Asked : In the telephone conversation between you and İlhan KESİCİ on 27.02.2011 at 11.47, it was determined that you spoke for a while about the documents concerning you found in Oda TV, you said you would sue Soner YALÇIN, in the continuation of the conversation YOU said “…doesn’t a journalist keep even one CD or keep a computer in his/her home? I mean, a document, something being worked on, some record”, and İ. KESİCİ said “They can keep all of those things of course, let alone journalists, all of us”, and YOU said “BUT NONE OF THESE, LOOK I TOOK OUT ALL OF THESE AND THREW THEM AWAY. I DON’T EVEN HAVE A ZEKİ MÜREN CD AT HOME, LOOK… THERE ISN’T. I took them out and threw them away, I THREW AWAY ALL COMPUTERS, I mean, ALL FLASH MEMORIES I mean that would allow us to write and archive things. I even threw away our writings”. If you are not involved in any organizational or illegal activity, what is the reason for your destruction of all digital data in your house?
Response: I am a reporter working in a newspaper. I work within the scope assigned to me b my newspaper. My supervisor is above me, above him are my directors, and above them is the Editor in Chief. I show the same thoroughness in not only my news reports, but also the books that I write. With the responsibility of working for Milliyet and Doğan Group, I have always demanded that my books are reviewed in case there are any legal professional ethical issues. My lawyer Ms. Şehnaz is the person I consult on these issues for legal advice.
My sources who are close to the police have been telling me I would be subject to an operation, that I would be jailed. I am not someone who works at home, even if I did bring home any work, I would take it back to my office the next day. I do not have the opportunity to work at home because I have a child. I did not clean up my house thinking the police would raid it, I do not have such a concern.

Asked: It was requested that the respondent explain who told him he would be taken into custody.
Response: I cannot tell you their names but they are sources who have close relations with the police. Önder Aytaç is an instructor in the police college, even he wrote on twitter that Nedim Şener would be taken into custody. Moreover in social networking sites people wrote “this many journalists will be taken, and the first will be you”. Moreover the slander about me contributing to the book was first voiced by Önder Aytaç in a Habertürk TV program, when he claimed that 8 journalists contributed to Hanefi Avcı’s book. My name was among them. He also wrote on the same issue in his column entitled “the Spin Doctors of Hanefi Avcı”. If I wasn’t taken into custody, I would have filed a sued him to claim damages.

Asked : It was noted that the statement “Information, documentation and technical support should be provided to those members of the institutions undertaking the operation process, who support our claims and activities, who the public is familiar with and trusts, in order to have them make statements, publications and broadcasts, that Ergenekon and similar cases are setups.”
From the documents seized at ODATV, it is determined that with the orders and guidance of the organization, you have started writing a book similar to “Simons Living in the Golden Horn” together with Ahmet ŞIK, and that you were working on getting the book published under the name of Security Director Sabri UZUN before the June 2011 elections.
What is the relationship between you and the person named Ahmet ŞIK? Have you collaborated on anything else except this book? Who gave the order on this book project? What was the objective of this book?
Response: I have no relations with Ahmet Şık. I have not taken place in any book project with him. Throughout my life, I have never worked on a book with orders from anyone, or given orders to anyone. Since I have no information about the book, I would not know its objective or topic. Ahmet Şık is a very honest, transparent and courageous person. He worked to create public awareness on unsolved murders at the end of the 1990s. I don’t think he would get orders from anyone either.

Asked : It is determined from the documents seized at ODATV that you managed to have the book entitled “Simons Living in the Golden Horn” published before the referendum, and that you were working on publishing the book you were preparing together with Ahmet ŞIK, which is similar to “Simons Living in the Golden Horn”, before the June 2011 elections.
What is the purpose of trying to get these books, which are commissioned by the ERGENEKON terror organization, published before the referendum and the election? Who determines this strategy?
Response: I do not know about the mentioned document, I am not aware of it. I have not been involved in any shape or form with any books to be published before the referendum or before the election.

Asked : A word document named “SABRI UZUN” was found among the digital data seized during the ODATV search, and it was understood from the notes in this document that you were collaborating with Ahmet ŞIK on a book similar to “Simons Living in the Golden Horn”, under the orders and guidance of the Ergenekon terror organization, and that you were planning to publish this book under Chief of Police Sabri UZUN’s name.
When notes in the word document entitled “SABRI UZUN” were examined the following statement was seen: “Sabri has reservations about the Book, let’s try to persuade him, his book must come out before the election. Nedim should see Ahmet Şık on this issue. Be brave when you’re working on the book. Don’t hesitate to eliminate or add things. This book must be more comprehensive than Simon (referring to H. Avcı’s book – translator’s note). Congratulations to Nedim. He should make Ahmet work. Hanefi will get out and join you. Encourage Emin and Sabri. Push for it to come out under Sabri’s name. It must be quick. It should come our before the election.”
When the technical properties of the mentioned word file were examined, it was understood that it was created by the user “Soner” on 20.12.2010 at 11:29. In this context it is understood that Soner YALÇIN has written the abovementioned notes.
In addition, a word file named “000KITAP.docx” was found in the computer where the abovementioned notes were found, and a book draft called “İmamın Ordusu” (The Imam’s Army) was discovered.
Do you know Sabri UZUN? If you do, what is the relationship between you? What is the purpose of your taking part in the writing of this book? What is the purpose of trying to get the book published specifically before the June 2011 general election?
Response: I know Sabri Uzun as the former Head of Department of Intelligence. He is known for his public statement saying that “if the thief is in the house there is nothing to be done” in his testament before the Parliament on the Şemdinli indictment. His removal from duty has been at the discretion of Yaşar Büyükanıt. Afterwards I had meetings with him for journalistic purposes. I do not know any such book title, I do not know that it is being written, therefore I did not contribute to the writing process. I do not have any works targeting the 2011 elections, I am a journalist. I did not meet with anyone about the publication of any such book. Therefore I did not take place in any decision-making. The issue of Sabri Uzun writing a book has been clearly explained in the media. I had said in Saygı Öztürk’s book “Okyanustaki Vaiz” (Preacher in the Ocean) that Emin Aslan and Sabri Uzun were writing a book. But I do not know whether they did or did not write it.

Asked : Who did you meet with regarding this book? What kind of decisions have you made in these meetings? Did you have any meetings with Sabri UZUN to persuade him? What person or persons held this meeting? What was discussed?
Response: I did not meet with anyone.

Asked : What is the purpose of trying to publish the book you were working on under Sabri UZUN’s name?
Response: I would not know the purpose of the book since I am not aware of the book.

Asked: In your telephone conversation with Sabri UZUN on 26.09.2009 at 13.33, it was determined that S. UZUN said “Hello Brother, it’s SABRİ UZUN”, and you said “Oh hello Mr. SABRİ, how are you” “It takes a lot of gut to call me nowadays, not everyone can call”, and S. UZUN said “What happened, are you a suspect too?”, and YOU said “No, I’m not a suspect or anything but it’s because they are definitely watching and following”, and S. UZUN said “Brother I commend you for your news report, and I tank you” “An interview of two humans, conducted in the name of humanity” “Everyone can write something” “But it’s important that those who have harmonious personalities write and every sentence means something” “…I called Mr. HANEFİ to congratulate him as well, it is just just just right” “I said, there, this is the togetherness of NEDİM ŞENER and HANEFİ,  I said, there are two stamps under this”.
Evaluating this conversation, it was understood that you and Sabri UZUN have a mutual close relationship.
What is the role of this warm and close relationship in your effort to get the book that is similar to “Simons Living in the Golden Horn” published with Sabri UZUN’s name?
Response: We do have a warm relationship, the conversation is Sabri Uzun’s comment on Hanefi Avcı. It is not about me. It is about an interview I had with Hanefi Avcı.

Asked: Explain why your communications have been tapped.
Response: This is a general impression of the people around me. Because I am also influenced by this, I told so to Sabri Uzun. When my father passed away, an acquaintance from my village called me on someone else’s phone.

Asked : It is determined that in your telephone conversation with Sabri UZUN on 17.10.2009 at 18.22, S. UZUN said “Hello brother”, “Could you give me a landline number?”, and YOU said  “212xxxxxxx”.
It is noted that you were careful to be private and wanted to talk on a landline. Why are you so careful about privacy?
Response: It is Sabri Uzun who wanted to talk on a landline. I always talk to people on my cell phone as long as its battery lasts.

Asked : Looking at the content of the book draft entitled “The İmam’s Army” in the word file named “000KITAP.docx” it was seen that there are several notes in different places written in red and capital letters, and among these the following was written: “HERE WE CAN INSERT THE TRANSCRIPT OF THE DGM INDICTMENT IN DETAIL. WE WILL SEE”, “FROM HERE ON, THE ISSUE OF EMİN ARSLAN AND THEN MUSTAFA GÜLCÜ AND CELAL UZUNKAYA AND FARUK ÜNSEL WILL BE TOLD”, “IT WOULDN’T BE BAD IF WE ADDED THE NURETTİN VEREN INCIDENT TO THE RELEVANT SECTION OF THE BOOK. DON’T FORGET”. Who wrote these notes? What kind of work has been conducted so far in terms of the additions in the places where these notes were written? Who worked on it? What kind of work have you done so far on this?
Response: I have no information on the issue.

Asked : Likewise in the examination of the digital data seized at the ODATV search, a word document named “YBelgesi” was discovered in the folder named “NEDİM”. The content of th word document was a draft of your book entitled “ERGENEKON BELGELERİNDE FETHULLAH GÜLEN VE CEMAAT” (“Fethullah Gülen and the Community in Ergenekon Documents) published in 2009.
Who did you give this book draft to from ODATV? What was the purpose? Did Soner YALÇIN or ODATV have any contributions to your book?
Response: I did not send my book to anyone, I just sent it to the publisher. There are no drafts of my books, there is a final version. And that, I only send to the publisher. I never sent it to Oda TV.

Asked : In your telephone conversation with İbrahim on 21.07.2009 at 11.54, it was determined that İBRAHİM said “about this book…” “well I mean today Pınar, well, read it” “it is on his radar of course, the man went nuts”, and YOU said “Oh my god, I really don’t know what to do” “no I don’t understand what needs to be done, at least you can tell me NEdim do this, just tell me something for God’s sakes”, and İBRAHİM said “of course the word I… I told you to wait”, and YOU said “It is not Allah’s word, I even said ask x person, he said that is not important, you mind your own business, I don’t understand this thing, when you say wait, he never said anything like wait, I gave it to him a month and a half ago, I finished it and gave it to him”, and İBRAHİM said “whatever, I am telling you what he said to me, I mean it is none of my business, but there you go” “Nedim this is not a conversation to be held on the phone”, and YOU said “I mean here is what I think, here is what I feel inside, I mean don’t go to the newspaper, because you are not their guy, that is the feeling. He doesn’t need to react this much”, and İBRAHİM said “this is not something he is getting pushback on, you were encouraged on this issue, the man is talking about something else”.
What is the book issue mentioned in the conversation? What does İbrahim mean when he said “You were encouraged on this issue”? Who encouraged you?
Response : İbrahim Ekinci is my supervisor at Milliyet. I share everything with my higher-ups. When I wrote the book the Editor-in-Chief was Sedat Ergin, I sent it to him, it waited for 1,5 months, I wanted him to have it. I wanted to publish the book, but there was no response. I was going to get the book published at Güncel Publications. This publisher belongs to Aysel Aktaş. Even though this book was not going to be published by Doğan Publications, I sent it over because he was our higher-up, in order to get feedback. However when there was no response I had it published. We had this conversation after the reaction following the publication. Nobody encouraged me for this book, I sent the book to get their feedback before it was published. I cannot understand their reaction. I do not know how my book ended up in Soner Yalçın’s computer, I did not give it to him.

Asked : In your telephone conversation with Uğu DÜNDAR on 21.07.2009 at 14.11, after some small talk in the beginning YOU said “… and I am working on this thing, the book is being published” “possibly tomorrow”, and U. DÜNDAR said “So you decided to publish it”, and YOU said “Yes it’s published, it’s finished, I mean it’s printed”, and U. DÜNDAR said “You are publishing without even consulting us!” “If you ask me I’d say don’t publish it”, and YOU said “I know sir, umm, I mean my friend umm who you also know said this was not the right time but he is aware of the content and everything…” and U. DÜNDAR said “Who is this friend, who is this friend”, and YOU said “The person whom you know!” “The person famous for making trouble on any and every matter, he knows the content, he knows the process, and he gave me some stuff”, and U. DÜNDAR said “But you were too fast, not even consulting us”.
What is the book issue mentioned in the conversation? Who is the person whom you mention is aware of the content of the book? What do you mean by “that person knows the process, he gave me some stuff”?
Response: It is the book mentioned in the question above. I share my experiences with Mr. Uğur. In fact he is remonstrating, he says you write but you don’t let us know.

Asked: In the content of the email denouncement that M. YILMAZ sent to the Muhabere Electronic Branch Office, there were statements like: “Dear authorities, Nedim Şener, the reporter of the Milliyet Daily Newspaper, is a secret official in the propaganda department of Ergenekon. He does the work that is given to him very professionally in different periods. The biggest proof of this fact is the sudden and sly change of Nedim’s focus from trade and economy to the people who are against Ergenekon. He worked a lot on the economy and finance through his books and newspaper articles for years. Nedim’s mission at that time was to threaten groups that could be driven into a corner to make money. He pretended to be against deep state and worked as an Ergenekon gunman behind the scenes. After he fired the signal flare, the group received the warning and started to negotiate with Ergenekon. The ones who did not negotiate were not only commercially finished off but also became immobile with fear. We have seen a lot of examples of this. He shared a very secret document with İsmail YILDIZ who was the leader of SESAR, Ergenekon of that period.
The secret information and documents about the UZAN group that was threatened by Ergenekon were given to Nedim. It was Nedim, as an ordinary journalist among many experienced journalists, who published very secret emails that nobody could reach from the secret Ergenekon interception service. However, after a denouncement that uncovered Ergenekon, cut Nedim’s  incubation period short and he came into the picture early. He underwent a sudden change and left his area of expertise as an economics reporter and took his side next to the Ergenekon suspects, Veli Küçük and Doğu Perinçek. Certainly, this change is the tip of the iceberg. The truth of the matter is that Nedim would not turn a hair without getting an order. For sure, the order is given by Ergenekon. Nowadays, Nedim overtook the mission of Doğu Perinçek and Fuat Turgut whose mentor is Perinçek.”
Explain these statements in the denouncement.
Response: Those statements in the denouncement are groundless. They target my media group and me. I have written hundreds of news on economy, lawlessness and fictitious export as Nedim Şener. I wrote those news through official state reports rather than orders or suggestions. I did not meet the SESAR organization, I did not share any document with İsmail Yıldız. I was a reporter with 15 years’ experience in 2009. I was an experienced reporter during the period stated in the claims. All my books on Uzan family were published after the state confiscated their group. I wrote the book after the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency reports. I had no relationship with the Ergenekon suspects.

Asked: In the denouncement it is stated that you are a very secret official and that you do propaganda and disinformation activities to prevent the Ergenekon case’s continuation and write books and articles about the subjects that the organization determines and orders.
On the other hand, in the digital data that was seized in the ODA TV search, it is seen that the senior authorities of the Ergenekon Terror Organization made decisions to influence the Ergenekon trial process and to fray public officials responsible; on the other hand YOU were involved in “discrediting the Ergenekon case as futile”, “emphasizing that operations such as Ergenekon, Balyoz, Poyrazköy were conducted by the F-type organization within the police and Attorney General”, emphasizing that the State Council attack was a reaction to the headscarf issue in the book published under Hanefi AVCI’s name, and that you established contact with Hanefi AVCI in the name of the organization when necessary.
When the denouncement and the data acquired in ODA TV are evaluated together, it is understood that Ergenekon Terror Organization’s senior officials did serious work to influence the case and that you served actively in this work. Explain this situation.
Response: As I have stated before, I was threatened by the Ergenekon case suspects. I did not do any work that states Ergenekon case as futile, and none of my articles and speeches supports this claim. I told that the evaluation of the claims about the State Council case in the court is an opportunity.
In my latest book, I put schemas that showed that there was a telephone communication between the Ergenekon case suspects and Dink murder suspects. I also showed the Dink murder related chapters in the first Ergenekon criminal charge and made statements on TV and wrote articles in newspapers to show the relations between Ergenekon, the Cage Action Plan, Sledgehammer criminal charges and Dink murder investigation. I even went beyond the limit and accused the prosecutors of being responsible for the slowness of the case. I did not have any relationship as stated in the documents of ODA TV. It is clear that I have no information about Hanefi Avcı’s book. I did not meet Hanefi Avcı in the name of anybody or any organization. Hanefi Avcı also stated this in the attached document that we submitted. Never ever was I involved in an attempt to influence the Ergenekon Terror Organization case.

Asked: In your phone conversation with Baki ÖZİLHAN on 03.08.2009 at 14.16, B. ÖZİLHAN says “I would like to share a few things, I have this friend” “I would like to convey some things on the issue he is following, but what shall we do and how shall we do it?”, and YOU say “Well, is it about the issue we discussed earlier?”, and B. ÖZİLHAN says “I don’t know I mean I don’t trust the things, I mean the weather forecast. We’ll go on a vacation, things happen, we’ll go, then you know this wave situation, I guess the blue cruise season is past” “I mean let’s not get caught in the wave”, and YOU say “I see, ok then let’s do it this way: you give me a suggestion”, and B. ÖZİLHAN says “Then let me think about it but if any new formula comes to your mind we’ll try to do it, I mean let me think how we can do it and where we can go”, and YOU say “a landline”, and B. ÖZİLHAN says “Then we’ll talk but at the end of the day the tour operator says that the conditions are not conducive, because he says I don’t do tours anymore. I have a better position now, I don’t deal with those tourists anymore, I did what I had to do, I made everything clear”, and YOU say “I understand the man who is well-known, I mean the man well-known for blue cruises”, and B. ÖZİLHAN says “He is a known, famous man…” “It may not be suitable to say listen to this, then we’ll listen, and speak on our behalf. Anyway let’s do a little more… and we’ll discuss it more properly.” And YOU say “Let’s do this, you know how there was a friend who had a cadre of places to stop at during the blue cruise”, and B. ÖZİLHAN says “he already came, he came and told me, and that’s why… I mean let’s not delay the schedule, I’m already back in Ankara and I’ll be here a few days, Mr. Deniz has a group meeting tomorrow”.
Explain this cryptic conversation with Baki OZİLHAN. What is meant by “Let’s not get caught in the wave”? What do the words “WAVE”, “TOUR”, “TOURIST” and “WEATHER FORECAST” mean in the context of the conversation?
Response: Baki Özilhan is the media consultant for CHP. Baki Özilhan came to the ceremony where I received an award and told me there is a very important corruption file and a friend of his has information about the issue. But because the file never came I was never aware of the content. Here the words “Wave”, “Tour”, “Tourist”, and “Weather Forecast” are not cryptic, they are conversations about the blue cruise Baki Özilhan was going to go on. When he says let’s not get caught in the wave, that is also about the blue cruise. It is normal that such words are used in this conversation. If you ask these issues to Baki Özilhan, he will also confirm it.

Asked : In your telephone conversation with Nilgün on 10.09.2009 at 12.37, NİLGÜN says “Mr. Nedim, this is Nilgün”, and YOU say “Ok, let me call you on the landline, I’ll call on the landline”. What is the reason of your concern for privacy in this conversation?
Response: Nilgün is the secretary of our newspaper. I responded that way because I was having another conversation at that moment.

Asked : In your telephone conversation with Uğur DÜNDAR on 23.07.2009 at 21:47, U. DÜNDAR says “Tomorrow a friend of mine will come to the award ceremony during that cocktail”, and YOU say “Yes, a-ha”, and U. DÜNDAR says “He will tell you about a file, you should of course talk to him but then don’t tell me anything about it on the phone”, and YOU say “Ok, done sir”, and U. DÜNDAR says “In fact it is such astrange thing but the person who tells me this is a very serious person” “He has documents and everything, if it is as he says, it is really a game-changer”, “As I said, let’s definitely not talk on the phone”, “Ok, you listen to him”, and YOU say “I hope I will pass it on to you, all right”.
What is the reason of your concern for privacy in this conversation?
Response: I spoke like that because Mr. Uğur had told me not to talk about this news to anyone. Because Mr. Uğur works at the TV program Arena, he warns me about it.

Asked : In your telephone conversation with Uğur DÜNDAR on 23.07.2009 at 21:49, U. DÜNDAR says “Don’t talk to anyone, not just me on the phone about this matter”, and YOU say “No, no, don’t you worry”, “You can consider it done”.
What is the reason of your concern for privacy in this conversation?
Response: I meant he could trust me.

Asked: The transcript of the TV program entitled Dündar, Saçan and Nedim Şener was read, and the defender was asked about the statements and comments about the Ergenekon bombs and the capture of Tuncay Güney in 2001 being a conspiracy or a plot by a community or group to take revenge.
Response: Adil Serdar Saçan had still not been arrested at the time the program aired. There was a lot of talk about conspiracy theories, so I thought that if there is a conspiracy Adil Serdar Saçan would be the interlocutor, since he was the one who first interrogated Tuncay Güney. I am the first person to say that the Hrant Dink murder was committed by Ergenekon, I have said this everywhere time and again, and wrote about my claims in my books.
I am not a member of the Ergenekon Terror Organization. I have not been involved in any disinformation activities in the name of the organization, and I have not taken part in its media organization.

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